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IE8Countdown’s Backstory

The IE8Countdown was established in 2004 along with other multiple online Casino service providers in Malaysia. A name is a short form of “International Entertainment 8 Countdown” and the number 8 represents good luck in Asian belief. The popular online gambling site has been running for years on end.  As time went by, IE8Countdown has decided to close down for good and has been sold over to the most popular online casino platform in Malaysia to date,

IE8Countdown has given many players all across Malaysia a great online experience for a popular and well-known card, table, and slot games you can typically find in a real casino. People used to go to Genting Highlands to gamble on their luck but with the 3win8 SkyCasino in Genting Highlands being so far away and the resort itself is expensive as it is, many other people could not afford to travel up to Genting Highlands to enjoy its superb Casino experience. Till this very day, IE8Countdown has remained in the hearts of many as their one best spot to play their favorite games whenever they want and wherever they want all the time.

Even though IE8Countdown has been bought over by, the company still carries on its heritage in providing the best games for everyone and anyone to have fun in. Games such as 918Kiss have been ranked among the top online casino game you can find in Malaysia to this very year. 918Kiss has many different styles and types of games available. The most commonly played games are mega888, Arcade Shooter Games, Blackjack, Holdem Poker, Slot games, and more.

Besides 918Kiss, Pussy888 also had gained much attention by 2019. It was brought over from Thailand to Malaysia in just a few days and instantly became a hit with the locals as most and many of them got tired of 918Kiss. Most players that moved from 918Kiss to Pussy888 loved the newer game because of its easy to use menu system and also a newer set of games such as Buffalo Blitz and Bison Rampage. We can truly say that anyone can find something they like to play in Pussy888.

IE8Countdown also was famous for games such as Play8oy2 and Rollex11 which are still supported in but more and more players love sticking to classic games nowadays for the high winning rates. A lot of people love playing high stakes in online casinos but there should be a limit to how much you should spend in a single session.


Tips On Winning This 2020

On our webpage, you can find many other casinos hosting similar games and the games that have the same similarities usually can be found on other casino platforms as well.  XE88 and Newtown‘s casino have some games which function the same. One thing is for sure, if you love winning your slot games, you should try out these two casinos. There are plenty of skills and tricks to look for when playing online casino games like these but the most common one is to always be confident in every bet you make. XE88 and Newtown Casino have arcade, slot, and table or dice games for you to choose from, just pick the right game you feel comfortable with and this will give you a major boost in confidence.

Never play under pressure. Don’t think of gambling as a way to reduce your stress. Stress starts within yourself and no tips or tricks will help you overcome stress within a few minutes. This is especially true for those who love to take out their frustrations on gambling. Gambling is a way of entertaining yourself, and you should never entertain yourself if you are stressed out. It would be such a waste to simply vent your anger on online games.


What about the cult classic?(SCR888)

SCR888 has been the main go-to online casino game that you would playback in the day. The fancy menu and well-designed games make it one of the best online casino games you can start playing in 2020. SCR888 has been around for years too, just like 918Kiss but SCR888 has also not been updated much recently. There are still many people online on SCR888 in but their numbers are always decreasing because new players prefer playing 918Kiss and Pussy888 even because of the newer selection of games.


The best of

There are Elite games too in 918Kiss.App such as  Joker123, Lucky Palace, and 3 Win8. These games are on the more expensive side of things as the return for your bet in each game is low compared to others. We would recommend 918Kiss as the best game to play at because the application is well known, simple and easy to use.


What’s next for IE8Countdown?

IE8Countdown has been handed over to kiss918 and their operations are now based on If you need a reliable source for casino games and gambling, is the place to go. The best games are handpicked for 918Kiss and we hope that everyone will be lucky enough to win in their own favorite game. IE8Countdown will be permanently working under in Malaysia.


Thoughts & Conclusions

IE8Countdown hopes that 918Kiss plus can contribute well to the online casino industry business with the purchase of IE8Countdown. In Malaysia, the best online casino website still belongs to but don’t let this discourage you if you are a long-time fan of IE8countdown.

If you love online virtual casinos, is definitely the place to be with the many different games available, anyone will surely be amazed. From progressive slot games to arcade shooter games. Each and every single game here is designed and handpicked as the best game anyone should get if they are in Malaysia. Make sure you know what you’re playing if you really want that jackpot. IE8Countdown will always live on in 918Kiss.the app now and forever.